The Advantages of Professional Certification in Project Management Careers

Men and women with a significant amount of experience leading and directing projects can apply for professional certification with the Project Management Institute (PMI). This globally recognized credential can help workers earn more money in Project Management Careers since it verifies a certain level of expertise. Organizations look for highly qualified candidates for these positions and professional certification is one way to confirm an applicant meets those standards.


One requirement for the PMI certification is to have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 4,500 hours directing projects. An alternative is to have completed a minimum of a high school diploma and to have at least 7,500 hours of experience in directing projects. Applicants must also show proof of completing 35 hours of education specific to project management or having an associate-level certification available from PMI.

The institute requires membership before applying for certification. This offers a substantial networking benefit since members can meet up with others in the organization. Often, they have the chance to find out about new career opportunities.

Increased Opportunities and Income

Project directors and managers increase the chances of being hired for any given position with this certification as well as boosting their salaries. Professional certification, on average, results in a 20-percent higher pay rate. In the United States, the average pay for these workers with the official credential is $112,000 per year.

In some instances, the manager must handle multiple projects and track all progress effectively. In other cases, the manager focuses on one project at a time. Some of these men and women work on a contract basis and fill a long-term temporary management need, such as overseeing all purchasing for the expansion of a factory.

Fields of Employment

What kind of employment opportunities can these men and women expect once they have obtained the credential of a project management professional? First of all, the employment outlook for this career is bright. Experts predict tremendous job growth for project managers needed in the upcoming decade. They can work in nearly any field as long as they have relevant education and experience. Project managers are needed in finance, accounting, information technology, manufacturing, healthcare and many other fields.